We work daily to provide you with professional quality products with a high level of service.

… Quality control at all times

Our main products (sprayers, accessories and spare parts) are mainly manufactured in France for an irreproachable control of the quality and reliability of all our parts.
This level of quality also allows us to promote our jobs and know-how in France.

The production site for our sprayers is certified ISO 9001 version 2000, a guarantee of a quality process at all stages of design, manufacture and distribution of our products.

… An incomparable lifespan

BERTHOUD guarantees the majority of its sprayers above 2 litres for 5 years (see conditions according to the model). BERTHOUD guarantees the possibility of repairing your equipment for 10 years.

TECNOMA sprayers over 2 litres (pre-pressure sprayers and manual backpack sprayers) are guaranteed for 3 years and the pumps are guaranteed for 2 years.

… An perfect after sales service !

Technicians close to the point of sale where you usually buy your equipment.
All the components of your appliance are available in spare parts and can be delivered within 72 hours (in Metropolitan France).
We also guarantee the availability of spare parts for at least 10 years, after your appliance has been discontinued.

 … Safety in use

All our sprayers are tested at 4 times the maximum pressure to guarantee that all the components will withstand the efforts required (when used with compatible products)

… A large number of registered patents

HOZELOCK EXEL is constantly striving for excellence in order to offer you high performance sprayers while also taking care of the comfort of use.

… A great mastery of spraying

HOZELOCK EXEL makes every effort to provide you with the best precision during your applications, the right dose in the right place to avoid overdosing, which is costly for you and for the environment.

… A strong investment in the Innovation and Design of our products

Our products combine technicality and design to serve the consumer.
Thus, the shapes of our sprayers are designed to provide greater safety, comfort of use, ergonomics and ease of storage.