An environmental commitment all over our product life cycle

– Precision products :

Allowing a controlled application of treatment products, sprayer is the precision tool.

Used under optimal conditions (nozzle, flow, pressure and application speed), it avoids  over consumption of product. An adapted and good quality sprayer can allow in certain case to divide by two the treatment consumption for an equivalent efficiency.   

Moreover Tecnoma sprayers are ideal for applications in organic and rational agriculture because of their chemical compatibility with organic and natural treatments. We have the assurance of a fully controlled process

– Designed to last :

Most of the Tecnoma sprayers are guaranteed 3 years and up to 5 years for Berthoud models.

Both brands also offer accessories and spare parts to equip and to keep in good condition your sprayers as long as possible.

Finally, our after sales services is available for all types of repairs.

We guarantee the availability of spare parts for your sprayer for at least 5 years.

– A responsible manufacturing

Saving water : our manufacturing process are water efficient in particular through a system of recovery/ re-use (closed circuit).

Sorting, recycling and recovery of waste:

The majority of production waste is sorted and 100% of specific waste (paper, cardboard, wood, iron, copper and plastics) are valued

Green packaging

95% of the cardboard boxes are printed using vegetable-based ink

Over 50% of the cardboard boxes are made from recycled materials

We use certified Imprim’vert printers (cardboard packaging and sales documents) who recycle their printing waste

The cardboard boxes and single layer films are 100% recyclable.  

– Waste sorting

Recyclable finished products : 90% of the plastic (by weight) is recyclable (sprayer bodies, non-composite plastic parts, etc)

– Recycling fees

Green dot on the cardboard boxes for our products

WEEE for recycling electrical equipment