We employ staff directly and indirectly in local, regional and national companies :

– Our sprayers are 95% made in France, by and SME with more than 100 employees at a single production site. We prefer to employ local specialist suppliers, which ensure the quality of our products and high responsiveness for our customers.

– We prefer local and regional suppliers, in particular service companies and production suppliers, on the basis of long-term agreements.

– Design and development work is undertaken in-house to ensure continuous innovation and established expertise.

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In addition to complying with employment law and government regulations, we are committed to:

– employing handicapped persons and, in particular, employing and training older personnel (>50 years old),

– in-house quality training for our personnel: versatility, inspection and commitment,

– sandwich courses for young people (work placement and work contracts) and actions in vocational training schools to encourage contact between the school and companies.